Content Marketing

We are, at present, in the midst of an historic transformation for brands and companies everywhere — and it centers on content.”  Alexander Jutkowitz, Harvard Business Review

Inbound Marketing, Five12 DigitalGone are the days of interruption advertising (how often do you fast forward through television commercials? Or are you even watching television?) Today, people don’t want to be force fed advertisements. Instead, they’re literally tuning out brands that continue to interrupt with traditional marketing.

Buyers expect an extremely personalized, cross channel experience. They do not want to be spoken to. Instead, they want to be listened to. They want to interact with your company.

Buyers are more empowered than ever before. They engage with brands and companies through their own research across multiple channels. They require marketing over time as they self-educate and build trust with a company.

The Content Marketing Revolution

MOTHER-COMPUTERWhether B2B or B2C, content marketing has given companies a greater purpose. Businesses are evolving from making things to producing ideas.

Brands have become storytellers, competing for the hearts and minds of consumers. Today’s potential buyers don’t become customers overnight—they require marketing over time as they self-educate and build trust with a company.

Content marketing helps businesses communicate consistently with buyers across channels and throughout the sales cycle — from the time when a they first interact with your business until they are ready to purchase.

Educate customers before you try to sell them a solution. Your content must help your audience see how they can overcome their challenges and achieve their aspirations.

Content marketing is not just about producing a great video or writing an educational eBook. It’s also about how content is used that makes it truly remarkable. This requires insight into your target customers and the buyer’s journey: the research process people go through leading up to making a purchase.

How Your Business Can Be Remarkable

Five12 Digital helps businesses plan and produce high quality content that builds trust with online visitors. We understand the role of fresh, linkworthy content in driving business results across the entire customer journey. We use the context of consumer behavior to create personalized brand experiences to build trust and as a result, deliver more sales-ready leads.

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