Responsive Website Design

Five12 Digital designs and builds highly responsive websites using CMS platforms such as the universal WordPress platform. WordPress is the CMS platform used by the top 100 websites in the world, including Forbes, The New York Times, BBC America, eBay Inc., Best Buy and Xerox.

Power of Email Marketing

Email marketing is a proven, measurable way to deepen relationships with customers. If a customer provides their email address, they want to hear from a business. Good email content deepens your relationship with your audience . . .

How to Write Content Google Will Love

If you write content that takes into account the intention of the searcher, fulfills a need, answers a question, is educational and incorporates contextual semantic keyword phrases, you will write content Google will love.

The Year of Video Content Marketing

Whether B2B or B2C, video content marketing is a proven method to engage your clients and deliver quality content. Here are 6 Examples of Awesome Videos in Content Marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing has given companies a greater purpose. Businesses are evolving from making things to producing ideas.

Customer Attraction

Today’s potential buyers don’t become customers overnight. They choose when, where and how to interact with your business. The challenge is engaging them where they are, on their terms.

Inbound Marketing

Gone are the days of bombarding prospects with print and TV ads. Today, people don’t want to be interrupted. Instead, they’re clicking away from brands that continue to use buckshot marketing.

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